BERLIN, 2019
How It All Started

It was way back in in 2019, while discussing our hard water woes over a glass of wine, that Hello Klean was born.

We asked ourselves two questions:

We’ve been showering our whole lives, but are we doing it right?

For the shower essentials we entrusted to remove impurities, what if they did more harm than good?

Multi-functional shower products
Re-Think Clean

When was the last time you paid attention to what's in your shower? Harsh water, unwanted chemicals, icky buildup shouldn't have a place in our daily routines.

We believe in smarter cleansing, not harsher products. By offering you multi-functional shower essentials that banish impurities from your skin and hair, your beauty routine can begin with a clean slate.

Our ethics: the ingredients need to deliver results, they need to be safe, and they need to be kind to you, to others and to our planet.

Meet Our Founder: Karlee

She's been an expat for the last 10 years: with every move came the inevitable skin and hair care drama.

The struggle was real. She found no matter how many different products she tried, it did not solve her skin or hair woes. Then it hit her. The only factor to remain the same was the water in her shower.

A shower addict by choice and content professional by trade, Karlee founded Hello Klean, accompanied by 10 years of experience in luxury goods, beauty and fashion.

Meet Our Co-Founder: Omer

His career shift began when he swapped the world of VC-funded tech world for fashion e-commerce.

A numbers wizz with 15 years of tech and media experience under his belt, Omer worked as Head of Product for Zalando before joining Hello Klean.

Going Deeper

We believe the earth isn’t just for us and should be preserved for generations to come. 

We believe animals aren't for us to test on or to be used as ingredients.

We believe in eliminating waste where we can and using recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable materials.

A Letter From Us

Hello Klean began as a DTC brand, a.k.a 'Direct To Consumer' in the startup world. But for me, the 'C' never stood for consumer, but rather, community. 

From working alongside you on formula feedbacks to answering each query via Instagram DMs. From wrapping your products and delivering your packages in our early-stage, we were ingrained in the process from day one. Being connected to you helps us learn and fuels us to create tailored solutions relevant to your needs. 

Fast forward to today, Hello Klean has grown into a small and diverse team consisting of 80% BIPOC women. Our products are sold in the UK, EU, Middle East, and the US.

Without you we wouldn’t be here. Our community counts. Big Time. 

Thank you.